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CV dinner night!

Come! Have a great time with friends and make some new ones!

Thursday 7pm - 703 King St
What is love? 
Great question.
Come look at what the Bible says about the standard of love! 
Thursday - 7pm - 703 King St
TONIGHT - 7pm - Feel confident to lead? Confident enough to follow? 
BOTH REQUIRED - Come meet friends & learn together - 703 King St
No study or anything tonight. Let's eat and play games! 
See you tonight, 7pm - 703 King St
Bring a friend!
Does the Bible say anything about Community? In a world of opinions, come check out the Bible's.
Tonight - 7pm - 703 King St
Come decorate a pumpkin and see what the Bible says about IDENTITY
No CSC CV Tonight... see you at the Pep Rally!
Excited about dinner night tonight! 
If you've come before or this will be your first time, all are welcome!
7pm - 703 King St... see you tonight!
Questions are welcome! (Actually, they are even appreciated!)

If you've been attending regularly, occasionally or just wanted to check out a week...see you tonight!

Join us as we are figuring out life and faith together!

7pm - 703 King St
Are you ready to meet other college students from Wyoming and South Dakota?
Let's go!!!

DM for more details! We leave friday!